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10 SM Capture One Pro Portrait Styles

Transform your close-up beauty portraits with our set of 10 custom capture portrait styles. These versatile styles offer precision adjustments to enhance skin tones, eyes, and other features for striking, polished results. Elevate your work with tailored looks that bring out the best in your subjects.



Elevate your close-up beauty portraits with our set of 10 custom capture portrait styles. Each style is meticulously designed to enhance specific aspects of your subject, including skin tones, eyes, and facial features. These styles offer a seamless integration into your editing workflow, providing you with the tools needed to create striking and polished results.

These custom portrait styles allow you to easily adjust lighting, color balance, and contrast to suit your artistic vision. Achieve smooth, radiant skin and captivating eyes with precision enhancements that bring out the best in your subjects. Whether you are aiming for a natural and soft look or a more dramatic and vivid effect, these styles give you the versatility to produce stunning beauty portraits.

Each style is carefully calibrated to work harmoniously with high-resolution images, ensuring you achieve professional-quality results. Save time on your editing process by applying the styles as a starting point and fine-tuning as needed for each individual portrait.

Ideal for beauty photographers, digital artists, and graphic designers, these custom capture portrait styles offer endless creative possibilities. Invest in these advanced editing tools to take your close-up beauty portraits to the next level and impress your clients and audiences with captivating, high-end imagery.


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